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Personalised Care

Guaranteed, one-on-one, customised care for every employee

Full Support

Mental AND physical support is standard at no extra cost to you


Education, support and incentives customised to suit your requirements

We provide Employee Support but we don’t do it like everybody else…

Have you seen how amazing companies like Google and Microsoft have incredible offices with all sorts of Employee Support in place? These companies have spas, meditation pods, sports clinics, table tennis, health coaching, motivating talks and education and all sorts of other cool stuff.

Have you ever stopped to think about why these giants spend so much money on their employees? It’s simple really – they know that the more they invest in their employees the more return they get.

Happy employees are productive employees. Productive employees increase business revenue. Period.

So where does that leave the average business owner who understands this concept but doesn’t have millions of dollars to spend on a state of the ark offices and facilities? Does this mean that they can’t reap the benefits of supporting their employee’s health and happiness? Of course not!

Research and experience has shown us that the more you invest in quality employee support the more you get in return.

You may be thinking “Well that’s fair enough as a concept but I’m still unsure…”

We have spoken to hundreds of business owners and we have discovered that taking that first step into employee support can be daunting. For this reason, we have made employee support accessible to EVERY BUSINESS out there!

Yep – We have a 100% FREE Employee Support Program… No strings attached.

Reduced stress within your budget and with full support… Guaranteed

Other Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) only provide counselling and psychology – We offer over 15 different disciplines in both mental and physical health care…

Other EAPs would charge for personalised, caseworker support – We include it as a standard…

We guarantee that no matter what the problem is – we will support your employee…

We guarantee personalised care…

We guarantee satisfaction…

Click here to learn more about how Premah measures up to other Employee Assistance Programs… You may be shocked.

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