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Have you had the experience of countless hours being spent managing employees who are suffering from stress, fatigue, home conflict, co-worker disagreements, illness, injuries and any number of emotional or physical problems?  It is exhausting and most likely NOT the reason you took on your current role.

The good news is that it is our job to take these problems off you so that you can get back to your real job. Yes - we can fix your human problems and relieve your stress!

What's more - our programs, workshops and services are not only designed to fix problems, but ultimately to prevent them.

Imagine that - A happy workplace running with minimal disruption...


You can enjoy the many benefits of Premah’s workshops and talks, these services can be booked as workshop programs or as a one off educational workshops and talks. Workshops and talks can be tailored to unique time and location requirements.

Employee Motivation

An incentive program with a difference! The Dream Ticket Program rewards and encourages positive behavior within your workplace.

Workforce Evaluations

Stop wasting your money... Workforce Evaluations ensure your investment is spent in areas that will save you money.

Employee Assistance Program

Learn why we are different

Onsite & Offsite Therapists

All Premah therapists meet our high standard requirements of qualification and experience. Our large network of specialists enables us to provide professional assistance for both mental and physical concerns.

Campaigns & Competitions

Health campaigns and competitions target the areas you have identified as needing improvement. Premah provides simple through to comprehensive health campaigns and competitions.

Team Building

Team building increases staff moral while educating on the benefits of effective communication and relationships.

Occupational Therapy

Hire the professionals - We are here to help prevent or overcome any problem.

Flu vacinations

Avoid wasting precious money and resources dealing with problems that could have been avoided with a few easy steps.

Premah BBQs

A healthy breakfast or lunch BBQ will be prepared and served by Premah Caseworkers, followed by a quick 10-20 minute presentation on healthy eating.

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